Visitors …

Baile de California welcomes visitors to come and watch our rehearsals. It’s even better when the visitors are past BdC dancers! In June we had two alumni return, Samantha Riviere (2017-2018) and Elizabeth Chen (2018). Both members came to Baile de California after taking a recreational ballet class through UCSB’s Gaucho Rec with BdC director, Diana Replogle-Purinton. BdC invites all dancers and soon-to-be dancers however, when we get previously trained dancers (ballet, ballroom, swing, Bollywood, ice skating, etc.) it’s an added bonus!

Consider dancing with Baile de California. The proof of the fun is in our returning dancers!

Dancers from back row left- Caroline Wedderburn, Cheryl Long, Regan Cattoi Parillo;
front row left- Abril R., Kira Purinton; back row right- Debra Fedaleo, Samantha Riviere*, Jeffrey Long; front row right- Diana Replogle-Purinton, Sofia R., Elizabeth Chen*
*Returning dancers

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