¡Celebra tu Historia y Celebra tu Futuro!

B & G Club - 2014 Flor y Canto- after the perf.

Another Fiesta is now part of Santa Barbara’s history. And a grand(e) event it was! Baile de California performed 8 different dances from the 1800’s, 1900’s, and 2000’s, over 6 days, at 3 venues, and 7 events; among them 3 nights at Noches de Ronda; the Noches de Ronda audition; an outreach performance for residents at The Californian convalescent hospital; our annual favorite- Flor y Canto at the Courthouse; and twice at El Mercado del Norte at MacKenzie Park.
Baile de California was founded to preserve California’s rich cultural history but, to preserve history we must share it with future generations or it will end in the present. Pictured above are our next generation dancers, students from the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club. Last year we had 6 dancers which expanded to 11 this year with 2 returning dancers, Arwen-Vira and Kapila. We are so excited that our previously summer only program at the Boys & Girls Club is expanding to year round this fall! If you are interested in supporting this program in anyway, please email us at Baile.de.California@live.com. Or if you know of children who would like to join us, please email or leave a comment here or via Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BaileDeCalifornia or Twitter- https://twitter.com/BaileCalifornia

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